Blogs, Podcasts, Statements Address Various Issues Related To COVID-19 Pandemic

CSIS: Coronavirus Crisis Update: Reviewing the World Health Organization
J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president and director of the Global Health Policy Center at CSIS, and colleagues (5/4).

CSIS: Online Event: A Conversation with Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of UNAIDS (5/6).

Human Rights Watch: Closing Pakistan’s Maternity Wards Puts Women at Risk
Saroop Ijaz, lawyer with Human Rights Watch in Pakistan (5/9).

Human Rights Watch: Governments Call for Protection of Sexual and Reproductive Rights
Amanda Klasing, acting co-director of the Women’s Rights Division at Human Rights Watch (5/8).

U.N.: Zimbabwean journalists get the story straight on Covid-19 (May 2020).

U.N.: Lebanese journalists face increased risks covering protests during pandemic (May 2020).

U.N.: U.N. supports routine — yet vital — health services while fighting COVID-19 (May 2020).

UNAIDS: Combatting COVID-19 discrimination in Jamaica (5/8).

UNFPA: COVID-19 strikes Yemen as humanitarian funding dries up (5/8).

UNICEF: ‘Call 1166’: The COVID-19 helpline center in Pakistan
Arifa S. Sharmin, polio communication specialist with UNICEF Pakistan (5/8).

World Bank: Supporting African women through the economic consequences of COVID-19
Amy Copley, analyst with the World Bank, and colleagues (5/8).

World Economic Forum: 3 ways COVID-19 could actually spark a better future for Africa
Cesar Augusto Mba Abogo, minister of finance, economy and planning with the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Planning of Equatorial Guinea (5/11).