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Blogs Address Upcoming Global Hunger Event In London

In this post in the Independent’s opinion blog “Notebook,” Ivan Lewis, member of Britain’s parliament and shadow secretary of state for international development in the U.K., writes “the Global Hunger Event being hosted by David Cameron in London this weekend, which will seek to use the Olympic spirit to galvanize action on global hunger, … is crucial in its potential to provide a new and much needed impetus in the mission to end undernutrition.” He continues, “There can be no greater Olympic legacy than to be able to look back and say London 2012 was the moment when world leaders came together and put in place an ambitious agenda to consign child malnutrition to history” (8/10).

In the Guardian’s “Poverty Matters” blog, Caroline Kende-Robb, executive director of the Africa Progress Panel, writes, “David Cameron’s hunger summit focuses on an issue of critical importance for Africa. … To prevent an ever-worsening cycle of hunger, the Africa Progress Panel calls on African governments and international agencies to adopt a number of policies.” She continues, “First, put Africa’s smallholder farmers and agricultural productivity at the center of national food security and nutrition strategies”; “[s]econd, create stronger social safety nets and focus more attention on the issue of inequality”; “[t]hird, create greater protection for Africans from increasingly common ‘land grabs'”; and “[f]ourth, world leaders need to intensify their commitment to reducing hunger” (8/10).