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Blog Reports On Case Of ‘U.N. Cholera Denial’ In Zimbabwe

“There is understandable outrage over the United Nation’s reaction to its role in first creating and then denying responsibility for Haiti’s cholera outbreak in 2010 that killed 8,000 people,” Todd Moss, vice president for programs and senior fellow at the Center for Global Development (CGD), writes in the center’s “Global Health Policy” blog. “But last week another U.N. cholera denial story garnered less attention, this time in Zimbabwe following a U.N. tribunal ruling in Nairobi,” he writes, noting Al Jazeera was the only major media outlet to cover the story. Moss details the case and writes, “[I]t paints a clear and damning portrait not just of the U.N.’s Harare office, but of an organization more concerned with keeping friendly with a dictator and a senior U.N. leadership more worried about its own internal staff, than doing its job of responding to thousands of people facing preventable death” (3/7).