Blog Posts Discuss Different Angles Of Ebola Epidemic

Several blog posts discuss different aspects of the Ebola epidemic.

Humanosphere: Ebola comes to the U.S. and loses its deadly punch
Development blogger Tom Murphy writes, “Ebola garners global attention for being a merciless killer in sub-Saharan Africa. But its high fatality rate is due largely to bad health care, say experts. … Ebola’s arrival in the United States will be dramatically different. With better health care, Ebola doesn’t stand much of a chance…” (10/1).

USAID’s “IMPACTblog”: Andrew Hill: “There’s no standard blueprint for an Ebola treatment unit.”
Photojournalist Morgana Wingard, who is with USAID staff in Liberia documenting the response to Ebola, profiles U.S. Army Civil Engineer Andrew Hill and his team’s efforts to design and implement Ebola Treatment Units in conjunction with U.N. and NGO partners (10/1).

U.S. Global Leadership Coalition: The 37 Corporations Working to Contain Ebola
Jonathan Ewing, USGLC’s digital communications manager, highlights the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s “running list of corporations who have responded to the Ebola outbreak in Africa…” (10/1).