Blog Highlights News From AIDS 2014

The Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks” is live-blogging this week from the AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Science Speaks: AIDS 2014: Bill Clinton Addresses International AIDS Conference Delegates
“Former U.S. President Bill Clinton stirred the crowd here in Melbourne [Wednesday] with a talk that evoked memories and grief about the HIV leaders lost on Flight MH 17, outlined AIDS response successes including the work of his foundation, spotlighted country successes and expressed hope that the goal of an AIDS-free generation could be realized…” (Lubinski, 7/23).

Science Speaks: AIDS 2014: The Lancet Launches Special Issue on HIV and Sex Work
“A remarkable and unprecedented collaboration between scientists and community leaders, the special issue of The Lancet on HIV and sex workers was launched at a special symposium in Melbourne on Tuesday…” (Lubinski, 7/23).

Science Speaks: AIDS 2014: TB HIV goals closer to rhetoric than reality, report released here shows
The blog discusses a report from the ACTION global health advocacy partnership titled, “From Rhetoric to Reality: An Analysis of Donor and Implementing Country Efforts to Scale Up the TB-HIV Response” (7/22).

Science Speaks: AIDS 2014: Harm reduction and drug policy — no one left behind
The blog discusses Wednesday’s plenary session, which addressed harm reduction strategies and drug policies in Vietnam and worldwide (Lubinski, 7/22).