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Blog Highlights Kaiser Survey On American Public’s Knowledge, Opinions Of U.S. Global Health Efforts

Writing in the Washington Post’s “Wonk Blog,” contributor Ezra Klein highlights a survey, released by the Kaiser Family Foundation on Thursday, which “found that Americans think 28 percent of the [U.S. government’s] budget goes to foreign aid,” an amount “[t]hat would make foreign aid pricier than Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or all defense spending.” However, only “[a]bout one percent of the budget goes toward foreign aid,” Klein states, noting “the Kaiser poll found that when you tell people that fact, it changes their opinions.” He provides an infographic from the survey depicting this change in opinion and adds, “But as of yet, budget wonks haven’t had a shadow of success at convincing the country that foreign aid is a tiny sliver of federal spending” (11/7).