Bill Gates Summarizes Inspirational Stories Of 2017, Says Work To Eradicate Polio One Of Greatest Accomplishments

CNBC: Here’s what Bill Gates considers his ‘greatest achievement’ — and what he hopes to accomplish next
“Creating a software company with a $600 billion market value is a huge achievement. Meanwhile, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates considers his work helping to eradicate polio one of his biggest accomplishments as well. … Gates has made the eradication of polio one of his top philanthropic priorities. His foundation has contributed nearly $3 billion toward eliminating the disease by 2020…” (Umoh, 12/19).

International Business Times: If you’re struggling to remember any good things from 2017, Bill Gates has got your back
“…The Microsoft co-founder and billionaire has collated a series of inspirational stories and tweets of things that happened in 2017 to end the year on a positive note. He said: ‘There’s no denying that 2017 was a really tough year … but it also delivered some amazing moments of hope and progress’…” (Tobitt, 12/19).

TIME: Bill Gates Shares His Favorite Inspirational Stories of 2017
“…Three articles that Gates tweeted were related to health awareness. The first one focused on the movie Toilet, A Love Story, which Gates described as a Bollywood love story that ‘educated audiences about India’s sanitation challenge.’ Other articles included the Maldives and Bhutan eliminating measles and a study in the New York Times that doing good deeds has a positive impact on both the givers and receivers…” (Grossman, 12/19).