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Better Family Planning Policies Needed To Improve Global Child Welfare

The Hill: Could Trump’s family separation crisis break the taboo around family planning?
Carter Dillard, founder of Having Kids

“…[T]here’s something missing in the constellation of stories revolving around Trump’s child separations, a story and connection around which all the others seem to be revolving. … What’s missing in these larger discussions of child welfare is family planning. That is the policy area from which all child welfare conundrums originate. … Conservatives and liberals will find surprising but comforting common ground … We can reconcile these seemingly conflicting positions by ensuring that family planning is a cooperative endeavor, recognizing mutual obligations on the parents and community to ensure all kids a fair start in life, and gearing delays in childbearing and resource redistribution around maximizing outcomes in child welfare and early childhood development. … [W]e will be chasing symptoms rather than causes until we address the center of the child welfare universe: The need for better family planning” (7/8).