Better Community-Based Prenatal Supplement Delivery Platforms Needed To Reach Pregnant Women Worldwide

Huffington Post: Pregnant Women World-Wide Need Timely Access to Supplements
Marion Roche, technical adviser at Micronutrient Initiative

“…There are many questions to explore as to how to best reach pregnant women for their health and for their newborns. Could [multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS)] be part of the global solution? Given the potential benefits in switching [from WHO-recommended iron-folic acid (IFA) supplements] to multiple micronutrient supplements, it may seem obvious to recommend that countries make this transition; however, the financial, supply management, logistical implications for programs are huge, especially for many national IFA programs in developing countries that have struggled to achieve high coverage, timely uptake, and adherence. … Whether or not the supplement contains IFA or multiple micronutrients, the benefits for moms and babies will be limited unless women have timely access to the supplements through respectful antenatal care or community-based delivery platforms” (8/18).