BBC News Examines Humanitarian Aid Situation In Venezuela; U.N. Official Cites Worsening Infant Mortality, Warns Against Aid Politicization

BBC News: Venezuela crisis: How much aid is getting in?
“The Venezuelan government has denied entry at its borders to hundreds of tonnes of humanitarian aid. Lorries containing supplies from the United States, Brazil, and Colombia were turned away. … But despite the recent stand-off, not all international assistance has been rejected. The Venezuelan government has praised Russia, an ally of president Nicolás Maduro, for sending aid and said 300 tonnes of it had been transported to Venezuela. There are also a number of international humanitarian organizations working inside the country. BBC Reality Check looks at what aid is getting in and how it’s used…” (Goodman, 2/28).

The Guardian: Infant mortality in Venezuela has doubled during crisis, U.N. says
“Infant mortality in Venezuela has soared by roughly 50% during the prolonged political crisis in the country. Briefing the U.N. Security Council, the U.N.’s political and peace building chief, Rosemary DiCarlo, depicted a devastating collapse in Venezuela’s health system. She warned that 40% of medical staff had left the country and said hospital stocks of medicine had dwindled to 20% of the required level. … Commenting on the recent politicization of aid efforts to Venezuela, DiCarlo said the U.N. was coordinating efforts to deliver assistance as close as possible to Venezuelans in need. She added that aid delivery should be free ‘from political objectives and delivered on the basis of need’…” (Beaumont, 2/27).