BBC Documentary Examines SDGs, As U.N. SG Ban Calls On Governments To ‘Leave No One Behind’ In Development

BBC World Service: The New Face of Development
“As the Sustainable Development Goals replace the Millennium Development Goals in January, Mike Wooldridge asks what are the realistic prospects for eradicating poverty by 2030? Can such strategies really ‘leave no one behind’?…” (1/26).

U.N. News Centre: In Zurich, Ban calls strongly on governments to ‘leave no one behind’ in new era of global sustainability
“If the landmark Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were a pact between donors and recipients, the 2030 Agenda must become must become the basis of a new social contract, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said [Friday], urging governments to show strong ownership in the framework by aligning policies, legislation, and resources so that people and the planet can benefit…” (1/22).