Backed By Global South, WHO DG-Elect Tedros To Focus On Agency’s Funding, Universal Health Coverage

The Lancet: Tedros elected as next WHO Director General
“Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, former minister of health and foreign affairs of Ethiopia, was elected on May 23 to the post of WHO director general. The first African to head the agency promised to place special emphasis on universal health care, to focus resources on the most vulnerable, and to lead the global agency from the front and center…” (Zarocostas, 6/3).

SciDev.Net: The tough job facing Tedros, WHO’s first African head
“…[W]hen Tedros succeeds Margaret Chan on 1 July he will have an unprecedented mandate from the countries with the world’s most pressing health problems. From dreaded new diseases like Ebola to HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, the burden is vastly higher in developing countries than in developed ones — and is now worsened by soaring rates of non-communicable diseases like cancer and diabetes. Funding will be at the top of the agenda, according to global health experts…” (Nordling, 6/2).