Attacks On Health Care Workers, Facilities In Conflict Zones Continue Despite U.N. Security Council Resolution, Guterres Says, WHO Data Show

Associated Press: U.N. Chief: Health Care Attacked in Over 20 Conflict Countries
“Attacks on hospitals, doctors, ambulances, the wounded, and sick took place in at least 20 countries affected by conflict last year, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said Thursday. Guterres told a U.N. Security Council meeting on health care in conflict that in most of the countries ‘fragile medical systems were already at the breaking point’ — and in most cases no one was held accountable…” (Lederer, 5/26).

New York Times: Attacks on Health Workers in War Zones Continue, Despite U.N. Resolution
“…[A Security Council] resolution, passed last May, served to remind countries of the laws of war that have long been on the books. Targeting a medical center is a war crime if it is intentional — and that is a difficult legal hurdle to overcome. … The WHO data, released on Friday, show that attacks on health facilities have gone on unabated since the Security Council adopted the resolution that explicitly condemned such strikes and called for accountability. The WHO tallied 302 such attacks last year, compared with 256 in 2015 and 338 in 2014…” (Sengupta, 5/25).