Cambodians Infected With HIV In Remote Village Likely Caused By Contaminated Needles

Agence France-Presse: Cambodia village reports mass HIV/AIDS infection
“Cambodian health authorities on Tuesday said more than 80 people — including children and the elderly — who tested positive for HIV/AIDS in a single remote village may have been infected by contaminated needles…” (12/16).

Radio Free Asia: More Than 80 Cambodian Villagers Test Positive For HIV/AIDS
“…According to a preliminary investigation, the mass infection was likely caused by contaminated needles during medical treatment by an unqualified health care provider. … [Secretary General of Cambodia’s National AIDS Authority] Teng Kunthy said the mass infection was distressing in light of Cambodia’s recent work in fighting HIV/AIDS, which has won praise from the international community…” (Chamroeun et al., 12/16).

Xinhua/Shanghai Daily: Number of Cambodian villagers infected with HIV/AIDS reaches 106
“… ‘As of Wednesday afternoon, 775 villagers had been tested for the virus and 106 of them were confirmed positive for HIV/AIDS,’ [Hei Sik, head of a Battambang HIV/AIDS test program,] told Xinhua, adding that the HIV/AIDS-positive people are aged from three years old to 82…” (12/17).