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Associated Press Examines International Aid To Afghanistan As Troops Withdraw

The Associated Press examines how the “impending withdrawal of U.S. and other foreign combat forces” from Afghanistan is affecting international aid to the country, which is “on the decline because of donor fatigue and fears of deteriorating security after nearly 12 years of war.” The news agency continues, “Worried about losing hard-won gains, many Afghan and international aid organizations are racing to finish projects or find new sources of funding to provide basic services such as health care, education and electricity that the weak central government has been unable to deliver.”

Noting an increase in the number of children, including girls, enrolled in school, the Associated Press writes, “The U.S. Agency for International Development in Afghanistan also has built or refurbished more than 680 schools, and child mortality has been halved with improved health facilities and other services.” The news agency examines U.S. and European Union funding to Afghanistan, noting the “World Bank and activists have urged international donors to pull back gradually” (Gamel, 2/27).