Asia-Pacific Region At Risk Of Missing 2030 Target On Preventing Malnutrition, U.N. Agencies Warn In Report

Associated Press: U.N. finds 486 million in Asia still hungry, progress stalled
“Despite rapid economic growth, the Asia-Pacific region has nearly a half billion people who go hungry as progress stalls in improving food security and basic living conditions, a United Nations report said Friday. … To be able to meet a goal of reaching zero hunger in the region by 2030, 110,000 people need to be lifted out of hunger and malnutrition every single day, said the FAO’s regional director-general, Kundhavi Kadiresan…” (Kurtenbach, 11/2).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Hunger stalks Asia’s booming cities — U.N. agencies
“Hundreds of millions of children and adults in Asia’s rapidly expanding cities are undernourished, and will remain so without ‘inclusive, sustainable, and nutrition-sensitive’ urban planning, United Nations officials said on Friday. The Asia-Pacific region has the world’s highest rate of urbanization, while also being home to more than half the world’s 821 million undernourished people, four U.N. agencies said in a report released in Bangkok…” (Chandran, 11/2).