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As Lawmakers Prepare To Vote On Legalizing Abortion In Argentina, Country Could Become ‘Beacon For Choice,’ Women’s Rights In Region

New York Times: Misogyny, Femicide and an Unexpected Abortion Debate
Jordana Timerman, journalist and editor of the Latin American Daily Briefing

“…Lawmakers [in Argentina] are preparing to debate several bills that would legalize abortion within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. The lower chamber of Congress is expected to vote on the issue next month. Passage would make Argentina the most populous country in Latin America to permit women to terminate pregnancies, in a region that skews toward absolute prohibition. That Argentina could suddenly become a regional beacon for choice is surprising. … Should Argentina legalize abortion, the country would become an anomaly in a region where conservative approaches dominate — and where violence against women remains rampant. … It’s not clear how the June vote will go. Estimates show a slight majority against legalization in the lower chamber and a larger majority against in the Senate, but undecided lawmakers could still swing the vote…” (5/15).