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As G7 Chair, Japan Can Promote UHC By Framing As Health Security Issue

BMJ Blogs: Gavin Yamey: Can Japan rouse the G7 nations to action on universal health coverage?
Gavin Yamey, a professor at the Duke Global Health Institute, discusses Japan’s G7 chair status and its potential influence in promoting universal health coverage (UHC) as a focus issue for upcoming G7 summits. Yamey also talks about the possible benefits and risks of framing UHC as a health security issue, writing, “The ‘securitization’ of health makes many of us uncomfortable, as it conflates public health — with its core principles of justice, equity, and a focus on the poor — with military and intelligence concerns. … Perhaps the addition of the words ‘human’ or ‘health’ ahead of ‘security’ will make all the difference in preventing such conflation…” (12/22).