As Aedes Aegypti Spreads Diseases, Mosquito Proves Tough Foe, Researchers Say

PRI: We’ve lost the battle against dengue, is Zika next?
“…[H]ow we have been fighting the battle against dengue could predict our odds of winning the battle against Zika. From the chart above, chances are pretty slim. Although we identified the Aedes aegypti as a dengue vector as early as 1906, the disease has grown from a sporadic and infrequent illness into the world’s most important mosquito-borne viral disease…” (Kuang, 2/19).

Washington Post: How a tiny mosquito became one of the world’s ‘most efficient killers’
“…Thousands of species of mosquitoes inhabit the planet, but few have proved more resilient — or more deadly to humans — than Aedes aegypti. It has fueled a long list of epidemics across the globe. Dengue fever. Yellow fever. Chikungunya. And now, Zika…” (Dennis, 2/19).