Argentina’s New President Should Legalize Abortion, Opinion Piece Says

Thomson Reuters Foundation: OPINION: It’s time to legalize abortion in Argentina
Jessie Clyde, director of grantmaking and international partnerships at the International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC)

“As Argentina’s new president takes office this week, he will be met with hope and high expectations. For many, Alberto Fernandez holds the promise of progressive social and economic change, but for members of the feminist movement and National Campaign for Legal, Safe and Free Abortion, his inauguration presents an opportunity to finally legalize abortion. … [A]bortion remains one of the leading causes of maternal mortality in Argentina. … The legalization of abortion in Argentina would be a watershed moment not only for the country, but also for the region. Latin America is home to the world’s most restrictive abortion laws. … I stand alongside other feminist activists to urge Argentina’s new president to fulfill his promise and prioritize the decriminalization of abortion…” (12/12).