‘Anti-Globalizationism’ Might Pose ‘Existential Threat’ To Global Health, Development Initiatives

Foreign Policy: Brexit is a Global Health Risk
Laurie Garrett, senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations

“…[The] new sense of nationalism that fueled Brexit, or, to coin a mouthful of a term, anti-globalizationism, poses an existential threat to an array of initiatives that have saved millions of lives, mostly in poor or war-torn regions of the world. … Globalization has become a dirty word in many political circles around the world, for different reasons. … Amid the shouting about building walls, respecting boundaries, eliminating trade agreements, national pride, and fiscal crisis, the advocates for a world without extreme poverty, famine, epidemics, climate-related disasters, and disease are drowned out. The great danger of this moment in history is a retrenchment behind the walls and ideals of me-first nationalism and the death of dreams of a better, safer, wealthier world for all of humanity” (7/13).