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Also In Global Health News: U.S. Global Development Policy; DDT In Uganda; Potential Drought, Famine In Ethiopia

New Presidential Directive Signals More Coordinated Approach To Development Policy

“President Barack Obama has signed a Presidential Study Directive [PSD] authorizing a U.S. government-wide review of global development policy, according to sources briefed on the review by the White House,” Foreign Policy’s blog, “The Cable,” reports. The new PSD is important, according to people in development, “because it signals the intent to reach across government agencies to think through a more coordinated and strategic approach to development policy,” according to the blog (Rozen, 8/31).

PRI Examines Ugandan Debate Over DDT Use

Public Radio International examines some Ugandans’ resistance to DDT for malaria control. Although the U.S. and Ugandan governments and the WHO encourage African countries to “use the insecticide, and say it is safe when handled properly,” its use in Uganda “has provoked a fierce political battle,” according to PRI (Hawkes, 8/31). 

Independent Examines Possible Famine In Ethiopia

“Millions of impoverished Ethiopians face the threat of malnutrition and possibly starvation this winter in what is shaping up to be the country’s worst food crisis for decades,” the Independent writes. Meles Zenawi, the country’s prime minister, “said earlier this month that there was no danger of famine this year. And Berhanu Kebede, Ethiopia’s ambassador to Britain, said at the weekend: ‘We are addressing the problem. Food is in the pipeline,'” the newspaper reports, adding that the “underlying problem” is “regional micro-climates” (Rodgers, 8/30).