All Forms Of FGM Should Be Considered ‘Child Abuse’

The Guardian: There’s no such thing as ‘mild’ FGM. It’s still child abuse
Celia Jeffreys, midwife and head of the National FGM Centre

“…[T]his week two American gynecologists have written in the British Journal of Medical Ethics arguing that some ‘mild’ forms of [female genital mutilation (FGM)] should be legalized to ‘allow families to uphold cultural and religious traditions while protecting girls from more dangerous forms of cutting.’ … FGM is child abuse, full stop. No matter if it’s pricking, nicking, or tucking any part of a girl’s genitalia against her will. Most survivors are scarred internally and externally by this harmful practice and have to learn to live with it for life. We’ve come a long way in our efforts to raise awareness of FGM. Let’s not go backwards by accepting some forms of this practice which is simply another form of violence against women and girls. It’s abuse, so let’s treat it as such — no ifs, no buts, and no exceptions” (2/24).