Al Jazeera America Examines WHO’s Efforts To Establish Sanctions Against Nations For Deviating From IHR

Al Jazeera America: WHO wants sanctions against countries for mishandling epidemics
“…[WHO Director-General Margaret] Chan is on a panel set up by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who instructed the group to think of ways to hold countries accountable for how they manage public health crises and punish those who violate the [International Health Regulations (IHR)]. … Australia’s decision, for example, to forbid all travel to Ebola-affected regions … at the height of the epidemic to appease rising panic at home hurt West African economies and slowed their recovery, said Joshua Michaud, an associate director of the global health policy team at the Kaiser Family Foundation and a lecturer at the John Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies…” (De Bode, 10/22).