After Lobbying For WHA Invitation, Taiwan Officially Locked Out Of Meeting; U.S. Secretary Of Health Voices Support For Taiwan’s Attendance

Associated Press: Taiwanese minister: China is playing politics with health
“Taiwan’s health minister on Monday accused China of playing politics with health after Taiwan was blocked from taking part in the annual meeting of the governing body of the World Health Organization for the first time since 2008. Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung lashed out at China’s actions, which Beijing said was taken because Taiwan’s year-old government has reneged on the ‘One China’ principle…” (Keaten, 5/23).

Associated Press: The Latest: U.S. ‘disappointed’ Taiwan not at WHO assembly
“President Donald Trump’s top health official says the United States is ‘disappointed’ that Taiwan wasn’t invited to the World Health Organization’s most important annual meeting. U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price says the U.S. ‘remains committed that Taiwan should not be excluded from WHO’ and will work to enable all countries to help prevent, detect, control, and fight outbreaks…” (5/23).

Intellectual Property Watch: Taiwan Lobbies For Invitation To World Health Assembly, China Firmly Bars The Way
“…[On Monday,] Taiwan’s minister of health gave a press conference to denounce the fact that the country has not been invited by the World Health Organization, and saying that Taiwan needs the WHO, and the WHO needs Taiwan…” (Saez, 5/22).