African Leaders Must Support, Fund African CDC To Further Continent’s Socioeconomic Advance

Scientific American: A CDC for Africa
Carl Manlan, chief operating officer at the Ecobank Foundation and a 2016 New Voices Fellow at the Aspen Institute

“…The Africa CDC, which was officially launched in January of this year, is a growing partnership that aims to build countries’ capacity to help create a world that is safe and secure from infectious disease threats. … Malaria and other preventable diseases continue to challenge our ability to transform our economies at the pace required to support our population growth. Ultimately, for Africa to achieve malaria eradication, it is necessary to translate the Africa CDC’s mandate from the African Union into a funded mechanism to inform health investment. Ending malaria was the impetus that led to a strong and reliable CDC in the U.S., and now Africa has an opportunity to repeat that success — ideally by 2030, when the world gathers to assess progress toward achieving the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals. We have the opportunity to save many, many lives through the Africa CDC. Let’s make it happen” (September 2017).