African, Global Leaders Must Ensure All People Have Access To Quality Health Care

HuffPost: Universal Health Coverage and the Road to Equality
Toyin Ojora Saraki, founder of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa

“…[Universal health coverage (UHC)] not only improves health, but also reduces poverty, creates jobs, drives economic growth, promotes gender equality, and protects populations against epidemics. … Currently, [Nigeria’s health] system struggles to live up to even the most basic public health responsibilities such as immunization coverage and access to family planning. … [W]e must act to ensure that every person, rich or poor, living in cities or rural areas, has access to quality health care. … Any innovator, partner, donor, or expert that seeks to make tangible positive change around the world cannot ignore Nigeria and its burgeoning population, and I would urge them to prioritize Nigeria for that reason. … [U]niversal health coverage is a political choice and a smart imperative. The vision and courage required has already been demonstrated by some, and the result will be a safer and healthier world. Political leaders in Africa and around the world must agree that the path of inaction is one that cannot be taken” (10/3).