African Countries Aim To Address AIDS, Cervical Cancer Together

Borgen Magazine: The Partnership to End AIDS and Cervical Cancer Helps African Women
Sanjana Subramanian, writer for the Borgen Project

“…Today, AIDS and cervical cancer remain the top causes of death in sub-Saharan Africa and are disproportionally responsible for the mortality of women of reproductive age. … The [Partnership to End AIDS and Cervical Cancer’s] aim to integrate cervical cancer into AIDS screenings is part of a broader reproductive health program. … [T]he partnership will … interact with the local governments to make sure that women and girls suffering from AIDS are a national priority for cervical cancer screening and prevention and for receiving HPV vaccinations. … The regulations of the project ensure that the international funding coming in positively affects the health care system and can even give countries the opportunity to think about sustainable social protection, such as health insurance. With so much being done, more families can secure their futures by leading healthy lives that enable them to work and earn for a long period of time. Choosing to fight AIDS and cervical cancer together saves lives and helps people escape the grasp of poverty” (7/3).