Additional Funding, More Efficient Spending Needed To End AIDS Epidemic

Toronto Star: The future of AIDS is up to us
Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, executive director of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, and Lee Waldorf, policy director at the foundation

“Win or lose? This is the question posed by a series of reports on the state of the global AIDS epidemic — reports … produced by UNAIDS, in collaboration with a Lancet Commission and the Kaiser Family Foundation — [that] present us with two dramatically different scenarios for the future. … The moment has arrived. We will either chart a course to bring about the end of AIDS in Africa, or, for the lack of adequate funding, watch as the epidemic regains its stranglehold. … [T]he commission’s report also makes it very clear that in addition [to more funding], there must be a critical shift in how this money is being used. … Everything will depend on the decisions made in the next five years about the level and allocation of funding for the HIV and AIDS response…” (7/28).