Achieving Zero Hunger Requires Renewed Focus On Malnourished In Middle Income Countries

Huffington Post: Where Do the World’s Hungriest People Live? Not Where You Think
Shenngen Fan, economist and director general of the International Food Policy Research Institute

“…It may be a surprise that the majority of the world’s hungry and malnourished live in large Middle Income Countries (MICs), some of which are global economic powerhouses. These countries are hosts to the Missing Middle, or vulnerable populations that tend not to either benefit from or contribute to the rapid economic growth that is characteristic of their countries. … In the end, only MICs can find and roll out specific solutions to lift up the Missing Middle in their countries. The international community should support country-led solutions; it cannot realize its ambitious international agenda of achieving zero hunger and malnutrition without a renewed focus on the Missing Middle” (4/1).