Achieving UHC Must Include Women’s, Girls’ Right To Sexual, Reproductive Health, Rights, Opinion Piece Says

Global Health NOW: Watered-Down Words Jeopardize Women and Girls
Tanvi Monga, senior technical manager for community engagement at Ipas

“In the push to advance universal health coverage, certain governments have advocated for watered-down language surrounding sexual and reproductive health rights to dilute international declarations. But UHC cannot be comprehensive without strong language defining sexual and reproductive health care as an integral part of health and well-being — including abortion care. … At Ipas, we and our partners envision a world where every woman and girl has the right to determine her own sexual and reproductive health, including the right to end an unwanted and unintended pregnancy. And the world can’t afford to separate abortion from overall health care. … Although the U.N. declaration [on UHC] is watered down, it can actually serve as a potent rally cry for advocates of sexual and reproductive health and rights. The time for action is now. … At the Nairobi Summit [on ICPD25], the conversation continued. With the summit’s end, it is time keep it going and keep advocating for women’s rights to have control over their own future” (11/20).