Achieving SDGs Requires Ending Conflicts, Addressing Needs Of Children In Humanitarian Crises

The Guardian: Development must target the millions of children affected by humanitarian crises
Anthony Lake, executive director of UNICEF

“…[W]e will not reach [the post-2015] development goals — nor can development be sustainable — without reaching the millions of children living in the midst of humanitarian crises. … The international community tends to compartmentalize humanitarian and development crises — separate funding appeals, separate advocacy campaigns, and separate conferences. … But children living through crises see no distinction between humanitarian and development action … [W]e need to keep breaking down the silos between humanitarian and development action. … Ending conflicts would open the single greatest pathway to global development; the best way to save lives; the best way to foster a generation of children ready, willing, and able to sustain development into the future…” (9/11).