5 Priority Areas Senate Foreign Relations Committee Should Consider To Protect U.S. State Department

Foreign Policy: Can Senator Corker Save the State Department?
Daniel B. Baer, former U.S. ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

“…As chair of the [Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC)], [Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.)] should … use his power to attempt to curb the damage being done to our diplomatic corps and to the U.S. ability to execute foreign policy objectives consistent with our security and economic interests. Corker (and his colleagues on the committee, particularly the Republicans) have the power to send a message to the administration that the deconstruction of our diplomatic presence and decimation of our diplomatic corps will not be idly tolerated. Here’s five things that should top his list: 1. Refuse to hold a hearing for Trump’s nominee as director general of the Foreign Service. … 2. Force the department to staff up at the center. … 3. Cap political appointees. … 4. Don’t schedule hearings for any political appointee who is appointed to fill a post that is currently held by a career diplomat who has not completed a three-year tour. … 5. Call Secretary Tillerson before the SFRC to testify about the decimation of the State Department’s senior leadership. … [T]he members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee should use their powers of confirmation, authorization, and convening to push back on behalf of the American people” (11/13).