1 In 3 Children Under 5 Worldwide Undernourished Or Overweight, UNICEF Warns In Report Highlighting ‘Triple Burden’ Of Malnutrition

Associated Press: U.N.: 200 million children under 5 eat too little or too much
“One-third of children worldwide under age 5 — about 200 million youngsters — are either undernourished or overweight, undermining their full potential to grow and develop, the U.N. children’s agency said in a report Tuesday. UNICEF also said almost two-thirds of children aged 6 months to 2 years are not fed food that supports their rapidly growing bodies and brains…” (10/15).

The Guardian: ‘Failing’ food system leaves millions of children malnourished or overweight
“…Henrietta Fore, UNICEF’s executive director, said the world was losing ground in the fight for healthy diets. ‘Despite all the technological, cultural, and social advances of the last few decades, we have lost sight of this most basic fact: if children eat poorly, they live poorly,’ she said…” (Dehghan, 10/15).

U.N. News: ‘Alarmingly high’ number of children malnourished worldwide: UNICEF report
“…The flagship report describes the ‘triple burden’ of malnutrition: Undernutrition, overweight, and deficiencies in essential nutrients. While 149 million youngsters under-five have stunted growth, 50 million are too thin for their height — common signs of undernutrition. Another 40 million in the same age bracket are overweight or obese, and at the same time, half of all children under five worldwide are not getting essential vitamins and nutrients, an issue UNICEF has dubbed ‘hidden hunger’…” (10/15).

Additional coverage of the UNICEF report is available from DW, PRI, The Telegraph, and Xinhua.