JAMA Forum: What is Trumpcare?

The debate among Democratic presidential candidates about how to reform the health care system largely boils down to whether to build on the Affordable Care Act and create an option for people to enroll in Medicare or create a Medicare for all plan that covers everyone.

On the other side of the partisan divide, President Trump has repeatedly promised a health care plan, but not yet delivered one. The president has vowed to repeal the ACA if he is re-elected and Republicans gain control the House in addition to the Senate. More immediately, the Trump administration is arguing in court that the ACA should be overturned, including its pre-existing condition protections, premium subsidies to make coverage more affordable, Medicaid expansion, and a host of other provisions.

In this September 2019 post for The JAMA forum, Larry Levitt provides insight on what “Trumpcare” might look like based on clues in the president’s previous actions and statements, and those of his administration. He observes that the debate among Democrats on health care has obscured the big differences between all Democrats and President Trump.

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