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Global Health Reporting Projects

Since 2010, the Kaiser Foundation has organized projects focused on U.S. global health policy reporting and coverage by U.S. news organizations. These include the following:

Report: Taking the Temperature: The Future of Global Health Journalism

This report reviews U.S. global health coverage, including the constraints, shifts in coverage, and potential reporting opportunities for U.S. journalists and news organizations (published in February 2011).  The report is based on interviews with 50 senior U.S. editors, reporters and others engaged in global health coverage.  A summary note of a follow-up discussion is also available.

Kaiser/GlobalPost Partnership and Global Health Reporting Fellowships

In 2011, the Foundation began a new partnership with GlobalPost, an online news site, to help support original reporting on global health policy issues. This has resulted in a series of special GlobalPost reports, centered each year around a critical global health policy issue, as well as an ongoing blog, GlobalPost’s GlobalPulse. The 2013 focus, “Step by Step: The Path to Ending Child Mortality” reviews the success of efforts led by USAID to reduce global child mortality by 2015 and beyond, targeting countries where children under-5 are at greatest risk. This builds on the previous two GlobalPost reporting series, “AIDS: A Turning point” (2012), timed to coincide with the XIX International AIDS Conference held in Washington, D.C., and “Healing the World” (2011), an in-depth review of the Obama Administration’s Global Health Initiative, a U.S.-based effort aimed at organizing the many government structures, programs, and funding streams engaged in global health. View stories from GlobalPost’s “AIDS: A Turning Point” and “Healing the World” special reports here.

As part of the partnership, the Foundation sponsors the work of three Kaiser/GlobalPost Global Health Reporting Fellows. The Fellows complete paid internships in the U.S. and abroad. The three fellows are chosen by GlobalPost and the Foundation from students and/or recent graduates of the Columbia Journalism School. The 2013 Fellows were Harmandeep Bopari, Marissa Miley and Elizabeth Stewart. The 2012 Fellows were Tracy Jarrett, Emily Judem, and Juliana Schatz; the 2011 Fellows were Mariya Karimjee, Lomi Kriel, and Selena Ross.

Global Health Challenges facing Policymakers and Journalists

The Foundation, in conjunction with the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University and GlobalPost, held an evening discussion on global health decision making and news coverage in Cambridge, MA, in December 2011.  The keynote presentation by Dr. Rajiv Shah, Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), focused on U.S. efforts to target interventions to save children’s lives including access to immunizations, steps to improve newborn mortality, prevention of mother-to-child HIV, and initiatives to boost infant nutrition, family planning and malaria prevention. The subsequent discussion centered on international aid priorities and decision-making, and on the media’s challenges in reporting on global health. At an all-day workshop following this event, a smaller group of journalists debated how best to report effectively on global health issues in the digital age.