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AIDS 2010: The Future of Universal Access: Part 2

AIDS 2010: The Future of Universal Access: Part 2

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We must remain committed to the goal of reaching universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care, and recognize that, post-2010, the best path forward must be informed by lessons learned from the successes and the failures of the efforts undertaken to date. Framed by a discussion of the complicated genesis of the commitment to universal access, the effects of the current financial crisis, and backlash against HIV funding and human rights, this two-part session will address the question: What must change to make universal access a reality? Part 2 of the session will discuss the future of universal access and set out how the existing barriers and backlash can be addressed and what countries, UN agencies, and civil society must do to make universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support a reality for all who need it.

Event Date

Jul 20, 2010