Women's Health

This category includes information on women’s health status, utilization of services, health insurance coverage, family planning and childbirth, and abortion statistics and policies. Also view State Profiles for Women’s Health, an interactive map and dashboard of the latest national and state-specific data on women’s health, including insurance and Medicaid coverage, poverty, mental health, HIV, cancer, pregnancy, abortions, and use of preventive services. Many indicators provide health care information for women of different racial and ethnic groups.

Please note, the majority of health coverage data posted to this site is now based on analysis of the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS). In the past, these data had used the Current Population Survey (CPS). We have replaced all previously-posted data, including data for prior years, with data based on ACS. ACS includes a 1% sample of the US population and allows for precise state-level estimates as well as longer trend analyses.

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