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NPR Examines Controversy Over Dengue Vaccine In Philippines

NPR: Dengue Vaccine Controversy In The Philippines “A dengue vaccine put thousands of kids at risk for a deadly disorder. Some scientists says the manufacturer did too little to warn parents in the Philippines” (Doucleff, 5/2).

Urgent Action Needed On Antimicrobial Resistance, New Drug Development, U.N. Report Says

CIDRAP News: U.N. report calls for urgent action against antimicrobial resistance “There is no time to wait. That’s the conclusion of a report out [Monday] from the United Nations (U.N.) Interagency Coordination Group (IACG), a panel of global experts formed to provide guidance and ensure sustained global action on antimicrobial…

Media Outlets Continue Coverage Of Malaria Vaccine Pilot Program In African Countries

BBC News: Malaria: Africa pilots world’s first vaccine in major trial (4/25). Deutsche Welle: Malaria vaccination: Paving the way to immunity (Fricke, 4/25). The Lancet: RTS,S malaria vaccine pilots in three African countries (Adepoju, 4/27). Nature: First proven malaria vaccine rolled out in Africa — but doubts linger (Maxmen, 4/25).…

More News In Global Health

Al Jazeera: Bill Gates on ending disease, saving lives: ‘Time is on our side’ (4/27). Associated Press: U.N.: No screen time for babies; only 1 hour for kids under 5 (4/24). Devex: How medical marijuana could help this country finance the SDGs (Saldinger, 4/26). Devex: Solar holds promise for remote…

Governments Must Offer Incentives, Find Creative Market Solutions For Antibiotic Development

Financial Times: We ignore the disaster in the antibiotics market at our peril Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust “…Decades of disinvestment have left perilously few companies active in antibiotic development. Those remaining are often dependent on support from philanthropic or public funders. … The tragedy is not that…

USAID Report Explores Need To Stimulate Private Capital For Global Health Innovation

USAID Center for Innovation and Impact: Unleashing Private Capital for Global Health Innovation “This report, Unleashing Private Capital for Global Health Innovation, is our contribution to understanding both innovator challenges in successfully attracting private capital to scale their solutions and investor challenges to deploying more private capital. We consulted with…

GSK, Partners To Begin Pilot Program For Malaria Vaccine In Africa This Month; Sanaria Experimental Malaria Vaccine To Begin Large Trial On African Island In 2020

Bloomberg: Malaria Vaccine Took 30 Years. It’s Still a Work in Progress “After more than three decades of work and almost $1 billion of investment, GlaxoSmithKline Plc and its partners are ready to deploy a vaccine for malaria, the mosquito-borne disease that kills almost half a million people each year.…