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KFF Resources Examine Global, Domestic Issues Related To COVID-19

KFF: COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker — Updated as of May 6, 2020 (5/6). Additional KFF COVID-19 resources, including those focused on the response and impact within the U.S., are available here. KFF’s new blog series “Coronavirus Policy Watch” is available here.

Blog Posts, Statements Address Topics Related To COVID-19

BMJ Opinion: Now is not the time to undermine the World Health Organization José M. Martin-Moreno, professor of medicine and public health at University of Valencia, and John Middleton, president of the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (5/5). Brookings: The unreal dichotomy in COVID-19 mortality…

Mass Screening Helps S. Africa Stem COVID-19; India Prepares Repatriation Of Stranded Migrant Workers; Italy Begins Loosening Lockdown; U.K. Has Highest European Death Toll; Brazil Ill-Prepared For Virus

AFRICA Financial Times: South Africa’s mass screening helps stem the coronavirus tide (Cotterill, 5/5). ASIA New York Times: This Drug May Cause Birth Defects. Japan’s Pushing It for Coronavirus (Dooley et al., 5/5). New York Times: Coronavirus Survivors Want Answers, and China Is Silencing Them (Wang et al., 5/4). Reuters:…

News Outlets Examine Gates Foundation’s Response To COVID-19 Pandemic

POLITICO: The Gates aren’t pinning their coronavirus hopes on the U.S. “…The Gates Foundation is working closely with the European Commission on a pledging conference on Monday intended to generate €7.5 billion in financing for tests, medicines, and vaccines against the virus. In an interview with POLITICO, Melinda Gates said…