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Guinea-Bissau Zika Cases Not Same Viral Strain As Latin America’s, WHO Says

Agence France-Presse: Guinea-Bissau Zika cases not from Americas strain: WHO “Zika cases found in Guinea-Bissau do not stem from the virus strain linked to a surge in birth defects in Latin America, the World Health Organization said. … While the African strain of the virus found in the country had…

Singaporeans Take Precautions Against Zika As Case Count Rises To 151

Associated Press: Singapore in battle mode against Zika after infections rise “Singapore is encouraging residents to use insect repellent, clear blockages in drains, and wear long-sleeved clothing to protect themselves from mosquitoes after the number of Zika infections rose to 151 in the city-state…” (Liang, 9/2). Reuters: Cover up, stay…

Ebola-Hit Sierra Leone Faces Continuing Food Shortages, U.N. Food Agencies Say

Thomson Reuters Foundation: In post-Ebola Sierra Leone, more than half the population face food shortages — U.N. “As Sierra Leone recovers from the deadly effects of Ebola, more than half the population face food shortages, and many will not cope if further disasters such as drought or floods strike, U.N.…

CEPI Aims To Advance Vaccine Candidates, Develop Platforms To Accelerate R&D, But Needs More Investment

The Lancet: CEPI — a new global R&D organization for epidemic preparedness and response John-Arne Røttingen, interim chief executive officer of CEPI, and colleagues representing governments and foundations who are investing in CEPI “…[The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)] has two main objectives: to advance vaccine candidates against priority…

Gates Foundation’s Trevor Mundel Discusses CEPI In Scientific American Podcast

Scientific American: Rapid-Response Vaccines for Epidemic Outbreaks In this podcast, “Trevor Mundel, president of global health at the Gates Foundation, talks to Scientific American Editor-in-Chief Mariette DiChristina about the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and the efforts to create vaccine platforms for rapid responses to epidemics…” (DiChristina/Mirsky, 1/30).