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World’s Militaries, Leaders Adapt To, Seize Power In Coronavirus Responses

AP: World’s militaries face a new enemy in virus outbreak “The coronavirus pandemic has forced militaries and militias to adapt to an invisible enemy, even as traditional conflicts grind on. Armies have had to enforce social distancing rules among troops while helping with national outbreak containment and postponing maneuvers…” (Goldenberg…

More News In Global Health

Borgen Magazine: Dengue Fever in Indonesia (Cullen, 4/13). Devex: The case for data: How CRVS systems can help improve gender equity (4/14). Devex: Cash transfers lead the social assistance response to COVID-19 (Jerving, 4/14). Devex: What are the opportunities COVID-19 creates for the humanitarian sector? (Cornish, 4/14). Devex: Gayle Smith:…

G20 Recognizes Weaknesses In Health Systems Amid Pandemic; WHO DG Urges Nations To Slowly Lift Restrictions As Some Begin To Reopen; U.N. Urges U.S. To Strengthen COVID-19 Strategy

Reuters: G20 health ministers acknowledge health systems’ vulnerability to pandemics: statement “Health ministers from the Group of 20 major economies discussed weaknesses in health systems that made the world vulnerable to the coronavirus outbreak and other pandemics, a statement said after a virtual meeting on Sunday. The Saudi G20 secretariat…