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U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Ban Travelers From Ebola-Hit Nations, While DHS Grants Temporary Protection For West Africans Already In U.S.

News outlets report on moves in the U.S. aimed at restricting travelers from West African nations and allowing those from Ebola-affected nations already in the country to temporarily stay. The Hill: GOP bill would impose Ebola travel ban “A group of five Republican senators on Thursday introduced legislation that would…

Mali Marks 7 Ebola Deaths As Questions Raised Over Hospital’s Response To Outbreak

News outlets report on Ebola in Mali, where questions are being raised about the nation’s response to two outbreaks after the death of the doctor who treated the country’s second Ebola index patient brings the number of deaths to seven. Associated Press: Mali Ebola crisis deepens with doctor’s death (Ahmed,…

Ebola Spread In Liberia Has Slowed, But Logistical Challenges Remain

News outlets report on the logistical challenges of diagnosing Ebola patients in Liberia, even as the┬áspread of the┬ádisease there has slowed. New York Times: Ebola Spread Has Slowed in Liberia, CDC Says “The international response to West Africa’s Ebola epidemic, coupled with more effective action by local communities, has stopped…

First U.S.-Built Ebola Treatment Unit Finished In Liberia

USAID’s “IMPACTblog”: Building Ebola Treatment Units to Foster Hope, Healing in Liberia Carol Han, press officer for USAID’s Ebola Disaster Assistance Response Team, discusses the construction of first Ebola treatment unit (ETU) built by the U.S. in Liberia (11/20).

U.S. Congress, Health Officials Say Focus On Ebola, Future Epidemics Needs To Be Maintained

News outlets report on comments made by lawmakers and public health experts during a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee. CQ News: Ebola Prompts Effort to Bolster Hospital Preparedness “A bipartisan pair of senators voiced concerns Wednesday about the government’s ability to respond to future public…