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Scientists Isolate New Gonorrhea Strain Resistant To All Antibiotics

Scientists have isolated a new strain of the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea that is resistant to all known antibiotic treatments in biological samples from a Japan woman, according to Magnus Unemo of the Swedish Reference Laboratory for Pathogenic Neisseria, Reuters reports. Unemo is set to present his findings at a conference of the International Society for Sexually Transmitted Disease Research in Quebec on Monday.

PBS NewsHour Examines Use Of Twitter To Track Disease Spread

PBS NewsHour’s blog “The Rundown” examines “a recent slate of independent studies” that assert “Twitter can accurately track the spread of a virus or disease – and do it much faster than traditional surveillance methods.” “From Iowa to Brazil, researchers are discovering there is a distinct association between complaints, worries and random rants on the social media site and the spread of medical issues as wide-ranging as the flu, dengue fever and pollen-induced allergies,” the blog states (Khan, 8/9).

More Polio Workers Killed Than Reported Cases Of Disease, NPR Reports

“The global effort to eradicate polio has reached a bizarre stage: More people have been gunned down recently over the disease than actually infected with it,” NPR’s “Shots” blog reports. “On Friday, nine polio vaccinators in northern Nigeria were shot dead and their clinics were torched,” the blog writes, adding, “The attack…

Blog Post Provides Roundup Of Recent Global Health Research News

Global Health Technologies Coalition’s “Breakthroughs”: Research Roundup: a rapid diagnostic for three hemorrhagic fevers, a MERS vaccine to be tested in humans, and advances in R&D for HIV treatments Kat Kelley, GHTC’s senior program assistant, highlights recent news in global health research, including the development of a paper-based rapid diagnostic…

TB Diagnostic Technology Advances But Unattainable In Low-Income Settings

New York Times: Advancing TB Test Technology, Where It Matters Most Jens Erik Gould, correspondent “…Hailed as the most significant advance in TB research in decades, [an] automated molecular technology called GeneXpert is more accurate and yields much faster results than traditional diagnosis methods, like smear microscopy, a basic test…