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Public-Private Partnerships Can Help Advance Global Health Goals

“Three people die every minute from tuberculosis [TB] — a treatable and largely preventable disease. Resistant forms continue to thrive, and increased travel makes the global threat very real. We face a public health emergency,” Vince Forlenza, chair, CEO, and president of the medical technology firm Becton, Dickinson and Company…

New Quick Malaria Diagnostic Test May Help Reduce Overtreatment

“Health workers often treat patients for malaria even when a test indicates a different cause of the illness,” a behavior seen across sub-Saharan Africa “that worries many health experts,” PRI’s The World reports. “Prescribing malaria medication to patients who don’t need it wastes precious resources in a country already dealing with drug shortages … leav[ing] patients untreated for the real cause of their sickness. And it can lead to drug resistance, making malaria parasites harder to eliminate when people really do contract the disease,” according to The World.

Number Of Breast, Cervical Cancer Cases Rose Significantly Over Past 30 Years, Global Study Says

“The number of cases and deaths from breast and cervical cancer is rising in most countries across the world, especially in poorer nations where more women are dying at younger ages, according to a global study of the diseases” by researchers from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, Reuters reports. Between 1980 and 2010, breast cancer cases more than doubled worldwide, rising from 641,000 cases in 1980 to 1.6 million cases in 2010, while deaths from breast cancer rose from 250,000 a year to 425,000 a year, according to the study, which was published in the Lancet on Thursday, Reuters notes. The “number of cervical cancer cases rose from 378,000 cases in 1980 to 454,000 in 2010, and deaths from cervical cancer rose at almost the same pace as cases,” the news service writes (Kelland, 9/15). The majority of new cases occurred among women under age 50 in low-income nations, BBC News writes (Briggs, 9/14).

New York Times 'Small Fixes' Section Examines Multiple Low-Cost Interventions For Global Health Problems

The New York Times on Monday published a special section, titled “Small Fixes,” containing several articles examining how low-cost innovations could help save thousands of lives. The articles examine issues as diverse as using circumcision to reduce the risk of HIV infection among men to a water-filtering straw that can provide one person with clean drinking water for up to one year. Other articles examine paper diagnostic tests for liver damage, using vinegar to diagnose precancerous cervical lesions, nectar poisons to kill disease-carrying mosquitos, a wetsuit-like compression suit that can save a woman experiencing hemorrhaging after giving birth, and scratch-off labels on medicines that allow a user to text message a code and discover whether the drugs are counterfeit, among others (Various authors, 9/26).

WHO Reports 6 More Cases Of MERS Virus In Saudi Arabia, UAE

“Six more people, most of them health care workers, have contracted the deadly MERS virus in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the [WHO] said Thursday,” Agence France-Presse reports (7/18). “The latest infections of four women and two men aged between 26 and 42 bring the global total to…

India Should Implement Population-Based HIV Testing

Noting the publication of a paper by Kartik Venkatesh of Brown University and Jessica Becker of Yale that asks “if it would be a good idea for the government of India to try, at regular intervals, to test the country’s population for HIV,” an editorial in The Economist states, “The…

Dominican Republic Reports 59 Deaths In Dengue Outbreak

“The death toll from dengue fever in the Dominican Republic, where some 8,704 cases of the disease have been registered, has risen to 59 so far this year, according to a Health Ministry report released Thursday,” Xinhua reports. “In the past week alone, the health sector reported three deaths and…

CDC Director Warns Of U.S. Complacency On Global Health Issues As Agency Faces Budget Cuts

“America is facing a ‘perfect storm of vulnerability’ for exposure to infectious diseases, making public health efforts more important than ever, [CDC Director Tom Frieden] warned Tuesday” during a luncheon at the National Press Club, the Washington Times reports. “The successful fight against many infectious diseases can lead to a…

China Confirms New H7N9 Infection In Zhejiang Province

“China confirmed a new human case of the deadly H7N9 strain of bird flu on Wednesday, the second infection reported in October after a summer lull,” Reuters reports. “A 67-year-old farmer in Jiaxing city in the eastern province of Zhejiang has been hospitalized with the virus, the official Xinhua news…