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News Outlets Discuss Longevity Of Coronavirus Antibodies, Likelihood Of Reinfection

AP: Virus antibodies fade fast but not necessarily protection “New research suggests that antibodies the immune system makes to fight the new coronavirus may only last a few months in people with mild illness, but that doesn’t mean protection also is gone or that it won’t be possible to develop…

Opinions Address U.S. WHO Withdrawal, Women’s Health, AIDS 2020 Highlights, Other Topics

Al Jazeera: Why ‘pro-life’ activists won’t protect women during childbirth Claire Provost, global investigations editor at openDemocracy, and Inge Snip, health journalism fellow at openDemocracy’s Tracking the Backlash project (7/22). The Conversation: AIDS conference: COVID-19, big breakthroughs and missed targets Linda-Gail Bekker, professor of medicine and deputy director of the…

5 Pharmaceutical Company Executives Discuss Plans For Cost, Distribution, Safety Of Potential COVID-19 Vaccines In U.S. House Investigative Subcommittee Hearing

New York Times: Some Vaccine Makers Say They Plan to Profit From Coronavirus Vaccine “Executives from four companies in the race to produce a coronavirus vaccine — AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna Therapeutics, and Pfizer — told lawmakers on Tuesday that they are optimistic their products could be ready by…

3 Teams Developing Coronavirus Vaccines Report Promising Results From Phase II Studies

New York Times: Three Coronavirus Vaccine Developers Report Promising Initial Results “The race for a vaccine against the coronavirus intensified on Monday as three competing laboratories released promising results from early trials in humans. Now comes the hard part: proving that any of the vaccines protects against the virus, and…

Inhaled Interferon Beta Increased Likelihood Of Recovery Among Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients, Preliminary Findings Show

Financial Times: Immunosuppressant drug shows promise for Covid-19 patients “An initial trial showing that an immunosuppressant drug can significantly increase the likelihood of recovery among patients hospitalized by Covid-19 sent the share price of biotech company Synairgen soaring on Monday. In a study involving 101 patients from nine U.K. hospitals,…

News Outlets Report On Various Aspects Of COVID-19 Vaccine, Treatment Research

Nature: Coronavirus vaccines get a biotech boost (Dance, 7/21). New York Times: Coronavirus Drug and Treatment Tracker (Corum et al., 7/20). New York Times: Inside Johnson & Johnson’s Nonstop Hunt for a Coronavirus Vaccine (Zimmer, 7/17). Science: Controversial ‘human challenge’ trials for COVID-19 vaccines gain support (Cohen, 7/20).