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What We Can Learn from HIV in Communicating about COVID-19

As we navigate how to communicate about COVID-19 and the urgent public health issues it brings, there is much that can be learned in looking at HIV messaging and how it has evolved. This blog discusses some of our observations from KFF’s more than two decades of experience running large-scale public information campaigns about HIV and other communicable diseases that have bearing in this new environment.

This Week in Coronavirus: April 24 to April 30

Every Friday we’ll recap our new coronavirus policy analysis, polling, and journalism. Total cases in the U.S. surpassed 1 million this week, and more than a dozen states relaxed their social distancing requirements.

Taking Stock of Essential Workers

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the reality of working life for most of the U.S. workforce, with essential workers at the forefront of performing crucial services for the public in the midst of the pandemic. This post examines who essential workers are and what challenges they are facing in light of coronavirus.

States are Shifting How They Cover Prescription Drugs in Response to COVID-19

Medicaid beneficiaries, particularly those with chronic conditions, will need access to medications even during social distancing and their ability to meet with providers to obtain refills may be hindered. States are updating policies to allow beneficiaries to access medications during this public health emergency.