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Alumni of the Kaiser Media Internships Program

Photo 2 - 2010 Kaiser Internship DC 291

From 1994 to 2013, the Kaiser Media Internships Program provided an intensive 10-12 week summer internship for early career journalists interested in specializing in health reporting, with a particular commitment to coverage of health issues affecting diverse and immigrant communities. The aim was to provide early career journalists or journalism college graduates with an in-depth introduction to and practical experience on the specialist health beat. In 2013, the interns were based for ten weeks at their news organization, typically under the direction of the Health or Metro Editor/News Director. The program has now ended and no further internships will be offered. Some of the reporting by recent Kaiser interns is posted on this section of the website. The following is a list of previous interns and their host organizations.

2010 Kaiser Media Interns
Jennifer Adaeze Anyaegbunam, KTVU/2-TV San Francisco-Oakland
Diego Aparicio, El Diario/La Prensa
Jacqueline Baylon, The Sacramento Bee
Cassandra Brooks, The Seattle Times
Marissa Cevallos, The Orlando Sentinel
Amanda Chan, The Charlotte Observer
Julie Chang, The San Jose Mercury News
Victoria Chao, KQED Public Radio, San Francisco
Chao Deng, NPR, Washington, D.C.
Tia Ghose, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Patrick Lee, The Boston Globe
Jon Lentz, Reuters, Washington, D.C.
Aimee Miles, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans
Brooke Minters, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Emmanuel Romero, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland
Leslie Tamura, The Washington Post

2009 Kaiser Media Interns
Jennifer Austin, KTVU/2-TV, San Francisco-Oakland
Tara Ballenger, The Boston Globe
Angela Bass, The Baltimore Sun
Ibby Caputo, The Washington Post
Sharise Darby, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
April Dembosky, The San Jose Mercury News
Marnette Federis, The Seattle Times
Alexa Garcia-Ditta, The Charlotte Observer
Julieta Kusnir, KQED Public Radio, San Francisco
Marissa Lang, The Sacramento Bee
Erik Maza, The Orlando Sentinel
Diana Montaño, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
I-Ching Ng, Reuters, New York City
Amber Sandoval-Griffin, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans
Anup Shah, NPR, Washington, D.C.
June Wu, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland

2008 Kaiser Media Interns
Jung Eun Lee, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Martha St. Jean, BET News, New York City
Euna Lhee, The Baltimore Sun
Neil Munshi, The Boston Globe
Kristine Crane, The Charlotte Observer
Meghana Keshavan, The Detroit Free Press
Ailsa Chang, KQED Public Radio, San Francisco
Jeannine Aquino, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Arelis Hernandez, The Orlando Sentinel
Deepa Seetharaman, Reuters, New York City
Jane Liaw, The Sacramento Bee
Vianna Davila, The San Jose Mercury News
Yeganeh June Torbati, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale
Jennifer Evans, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans
Brittney Johnson, The Washington Post

2007 Kaiser Media Interns
Azadeh Ansari, KTVU/2-TV, San Francisco-Oakland
Sindya Bhanoo, The Baltimore Sun
Shartia Brantley, BET News
Tyeesha Dixon, The Orlando Sentinel
Ishani Ganguli, Reuters
Christina Hernandez, Newsday
Catherine Ho, The Detroit Free Press
Irene Jay Liu, KQED Public Radio, San Francisco
Danielle McNamara, The Sacramento Bee
Felicia Mello, The Boston Globe
Tracie Morales, The Oregonian
Kavita Pillai, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Saqib Rahim, The San Jose Mercury News
Megha Satyanarayana, The Charlotte Observer
Tina Shah, The Sun-Sentinel, Ft. Lauderdale
Belinda Yu, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

2006 Kaiser Media Interns
Stephanie Beasley, The Baltimore Sun
Erika Beras, The Plain Dealer
Sheena Bodie, KXAS/5, Dallas-Ft. Worth
Sophia Chang, Newsday
Toni De Aztlan, The Sun-Sentinel, Ft.Lauderdale
Sachi Fujimori, The Charlotte Observer
Tomio Geron, The Sacramento Bee
Jeffery Ghassemi, The Washington Post
Pam Harris, KTVU/2, San Francisco-Oakland
Kendra Marr, The San Jose Mercury News
Dani McClain, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Naila Moreira, The Boston Globe
Nneka Nwosu, BET News
Ashima Singal, The Orlando Sentinel
Lubna Takruri, The Detroit Free Press
My-Thuan Tran, The Oregonian

2005 Kaiser Media Interns
Durrell Dawson, KXAS/5, Dallas-Fort Worth
Michelle Keller, The Orlando Sentinel
Kai Ma, Newsday
Ayesha McAdams-Mahmoud, The Oregonian
Kevin McCullough, The Los Angeles Times
Mariana Minaya, The Baltimore Sun
Melissa Navas, The San Jose Mercury News
Madison Park, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland
Dinesh Ramde, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Marisa Rodriguez, KTVU/2, San Francisco-Oakland
Robert Samuels, The Detroit Free Press
Naseem Sowti, The Washington Post
Kadesha Thomas, The Boston Globe
Chris Young, The Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale

2004 Kaiser Media Interns
Daffodil Altan, The Los Angeles Times
Christin Ayers, KTVU/2, San Francisco-Oakland
Yvette Bueno, The Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale
Lorinda Bullock, The Detroit Free Press
Dante Higgins, KXAS/5, Dallas-Fort Worth
Kylene Kiang, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland
Jessica Lee, The Boston Globe
January Payne, The Washington Post
Czerne Reid, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Sophia Tareen, The Oregonian
Veronica Torrejon, The San Jose Mercury News
Elvira Viveros, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

2003 Kaiser Media Interns
Lauren Acuña, KXAS/5, Dallas-Fort Worth
Erin Ailworth, The Orlando Sentinel
Sam Bresnahan, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland
Yunji de Nies, WAGA/5, Atlanta
Jamie Francisco, The San Jose Mercury News
Kimm Groshong, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Julie Ishida, The Washington Post
Greta Lorge, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Kathy Lutz, The Boston Globe
Rasha Madkour, The Detroit Free Press
Ofelia Madrid, The Oregonian
Laticha Scott, KTVU/2, San Francisco-Oakland
Ana Valdes, The Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale

2002 Kaiser Media Interns
Michael Axley, The Oregonian
Shirley Dang, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Raquel Maria Dillon, KTVU/2, San Francisco-Oakland
John Drake, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Geneen Harston, KXAS/5, Dallas-Fort Worth
Michael Hughes, WAGA/5, Atlanta
Mahvish Khan, The San Jose Mercury News
Huyi Jin Elizabeth Kim, The Detroit Free Press
Thomas Kim, The San Antonio Express-News
Nerissa Pacio, The San Jose Mercury News
Sarah Park, The Washington Post
Michaela Saunders, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland
Quynh-Giang Tran, The Boston Globe

2001 Kaiser Media Interns
Raihan Akther, The Detroit Free Press
Monique Angle, USA Today
Kimberly Atkins, The Boston Globe
Ellen Cho, WAGA/5, Atlanta
Danica Coto, The Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale
Jenica Dover, KTVU/2, San Francisco-Oakland
Taunya English, The Oregonian
Linda Lou, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland
Anu Manchikanti, The San Jose Mercury News
Angela Martin, KXAS/5, Dallas-Fort Worth
Christine Paik, NPR, Washington, D.C.
Simone Sebastian, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Aparna Surendran, The Los Angeles Times

2000 Kaiser Media Interns
Charles Anthony, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Megan Christensen, The Detroit Free Press
Cheryl Conner, WAGA/5, Atlanta
Shabnam Daneshvar, The Oregonian
Lilian Liang, The Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale
Vicky Nguyen, KTVU/2, San Francisco-Oakland
Cathy Pascual, The Los Angeles Times
Megan Scott, The Boston Globe
Sherice Shields, USA Today
Grace Tsai, KDFW/4, Dallas
Nicole Wong, The San Jose Mercury News

1999 Kaiser Media Interns
Dalia Dangerfield, KTVU/2, San Francisco-Oakland
Iris Guzman, KDFW/4, Dallas
Connie Ing, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Josh Kwan, The San Jose Mercury News
Marian Liu, The Detroit Free Press
Kimberly McCoy, The Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale
DeShong Perry, KTVI/2, St. Louis
Aimee Phan, USA Today
Kristin Vaughan, The Boston Globe
Sylvia Pagan Westphal, The Los Angeles Times

 1998 Kaiser Media Interns
Joyce Cordero, KTVI/2, St. Louis
Ellen Lee, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Natalie Leong, KTVU/2, San Francisco-Oakland
Shu Shin Luh, The San Jose Mercury News
Seema Mehta, The Washington Post
Mayerline Michel, The Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale
Anupama Reddy, The Detroit Free Press
Marie Sanchez, The Boston Globe
Sarah Yang, The Los Angeles Times

1997 Kaiser Media Interns
Mohamad Bazzi, The Washington Post
Erika Chavez, The Oregonian
Jessi De La Cruz, The Detroit Free Press
James Hill, WAGA/5, Atlanta
Tomoko Hosaka, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Laura Lane, The Dallas Morning News
Erin McKinney, KTVI/2, St. Louis
Camille Mojica, The San Jose Mercury News
Erika Dawn Randle, KDFW/4, Dallas

1996 Kaiser Media Interns
Cecile Betancourt, The Washington Post
Elizabeth Chey, The Oregonian
Shawn Cunningham, KDFW/4, Dallas
Vida Foubister, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Noel Holton, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Kanika Jelks, WTVT/13, Tampa
Jacqueline Love, The Detroit Free Press
Barbra Rodriguez, The Dallas Morning News
Joy Sutton, KTVI/2, St. Louis

1995 Kaiser Media Interns
Paul Arnold, The Detroit Free Press
Malikah Berry, The Dallas Morning News
Cami Castellanos, The Oregonian
Manuela Fernandes, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Linda Gottwald, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
lKatrina Miles, The Philadelphia Inquirer
Angela Scott, KTCA-Twin Cities Public Television (St. Paul, MN)

1994 Kaiser Media Interns
Amrita Aulakh, The Milwaukee Journal
Joyce Clark, The Detroit Free Press
Raja Mishra, New York Newsday
Smita Patel, The Oregonian
Angelita Plemmer, The Dallas Morning News
Roger Smith, The Philadelphia Inquirer